Process support

  • How Canine Caviar works differently
  • What Canine Caviar does differently within the production process
  • What added service Canine Caviar provides in the value chain

Product claims

  • Usage of an ingredient that makes the Canine Caviar brand better
  • Process or ingredient that makes Canine Caviar safer
  • A process that makes Canine Caviar worthwhile

Third-person endorsement

  • Experts in the field who can speak on Canine Caviar's behalf
  • Past users/clients with proof support of stories or reviews
  • Recognized awards and acknowledgements

Behavioral results

  • Clinical tests
  • In market usage study
  • Before and after studies

Don't use claims that are not officially supported or approved by Canine Caviar.

Don't use sweeping claims with Canine Caviar.

Don't use claims that are not backed by scientific evidence.

Don't claim Canine Caviar can prevent/reverse/treat cancer.