Canine Caviar Logo


The primary preferred usage is black on white. Plain, or ideally with drop shadow of 25% and blur of 4, X: 0 & Y: 4. Other light backgrounds may be used as long as legibility is maintained. An alternate version is white on black. A #23A9E1 blue may be used with a black or white background as well as other colored backgrounds as long as legibility and sufficient contrast is maintained.

Standard Logo
Canine Caviar Logo


Provide sufficient spacing within the container or image for the logo. Avoid crowding or overflow. A 50px to 2em padding is utilized to allow sufficient space between the containers edge and the logo.

Spacing Logo
Canine Caviar Logo


Don't use on images without a sufficient contrast. Don't use black on already dark images. If using the logo on a photograph, blur the background behind the logo or sufficiently darken the area behind the logo. A drop shadow with sufficient spread and blur to contrast the logo from the image.

Canine Caviar Logo

Run-up Lines

Don't use run-up lines with the logo unless otherwise officially approved by your Canine Caviar representative.
Don't mix fonts.
No text should proceed the logo in line.
Don't add text after the logo
Don't use logo in the middle of a sentence.
Don't alter logo.
Run-up lines should be placed above or below logo.

Run on lines