Canine Caviar Logo

"Brand voice is the personality your brand takes on in all of its communications."

"We believe that when it comes to feeding your pet and ensuring that they live long, healthy, and active lives, knowledge is power and that educating the customer is just as vital as the food you provide. Being completely transparent between ourselves, and with our customers and partners helps craft science-based Alkaline diets that: nourish pets, helping them to live active, healthy & long lives."

We are fully transparent

  • We encourage our customers to understand how our products are made and their ingredients.
  • Our statements are backed with proper science.
  • We don't bash other brands, rather we use facts and science to show why our product stands out from the market.
  • We are transparent about our suppliers and ingredient sources.
  • We make sure the facilities that manufacture our food is held to the highest standard.

We never skimp on quality

  • We work to get the customer the best price for quality ingredients
  • We develop our own packaging
  • We source the best ingredients
  • We avoid working with suppliers and partners that are unreliable
  • We only use sustainable protein sources